Monday, September 22, 2008

Baoguo Temple

Baoguo Temple is a Mahayana Buddhist temple located in Jiangbei district, 15km north of Ningbo, in Zhejiang, China. It is famous as the oldest surviving wooden structure in southern China, as the main hall of the present temple dates back to 1013 in the Northern Song dynasty.


The temple was originally named Lingshan Temple , but was later renamed to Baoguo Temple in 880, during the . The main hall was rebuilt in 1013, during the Northern Song dynasty, and is one of the oldest and most well preserved wooden constructions in China. The temple also contains columns of the Tang dynasty, a hall dating from the , and two halls and towers of the .

Today the temple is a tourist attraction, and many of its rooms and halls are used to house various exhibitions, including:
*Guanyin statues
* bronzes
*Ningbo furniture
*Traditional Chinese wedding attire
*Carved stone screens
*Miscellaneous architectural pieces from the temple compound
*Famous places around China


The temple can be accessed by bus 232 from Ningbo city. The ride takes approximately 35 minutes.


Standard tickets are 12 yuan per person. Guides are available for an additional fee.

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