Monday, September 22, 2008

Lingyan Temple

Lingyan Temple is a located from Tai'an in Changqing , Shandong, China. The temple grounds are situated along the western . The temple has a long recorded history, the notable landmark of the 11th century Pizhi Pagoda tower, and the Thousand Buddha Hall which houses a Ming Dynasty bronze as well as 40 painted clay statues of life-size luohan from the Song Dynasty.


The original temple was established in the Yongxing reign period , during the reign of Fú Jiān of the Former Qin state. Gaining a greater reputation during the Northern Wei , the temple reached its apex of importance during the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty . There were over 40 different wooden temple halls located at the temple, composing more than 500 monastic rooms. More than 500 lived at Lingyan Temple during its height. Although the wooden halls were all reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty , the stone pedestals at the base of the pillars in the Thousand Buddha Hall are the original work of the Tang and Song eras.

Pagodas and stupas

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